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Exif Information
Model Digimax 201
Shutter speed 51546391752577/10000000000000000s
Aperture f3.5
Focal length 5.6mm
ISO 100
Exposure compensation 12.1
Flash Did not fire, No red eye reduction
Original 2004:04:30 06:49:02

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10 Mar 2012 by Raul
From a Canon G12 Press Release (linked below) As well as offering Full Manual coortnl and a range of semi-automatic modes, the addition of a new Front Dial provides swift and convenient access to settings during shooting. Users can either prioritise the Front Dial or the rear Multi-Control Dial as the main way of coortnlling the camera, or use a combination of both. For example, the Front Dial can be set to coortnl aperture in AV mode while the Multi-Control Dial coortnls white balance or shooting aspect ratio, or it can be used independently, with the rear Multi-Control Dial disabled to prevent accidental changes to settings. p.s. if you already own the G11 an upgrade to the G12 wouldn't really be worth it because the only major difference is better video capability and the front dial. The processor is the same, the sensor is the same. However, if you primarily use Manual coortnls, the new features offered by the G12 might be tempting (as well as improved video quality).

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